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Jeanette Sweeney

Komi went above & beyond to take care of dad.

Komi went above & beyond to take care of dad. He took dad for a shower & cleaned him up so well when my dad needed help.

By Jeanette Sweeney 3/4/2023

John Spear

The staff is always kind and understanding.

Love walking through the door of Lansdowne Heights and seeing Sima and her beautiful smile. She keeps us informed about Paul and any and all news, updates about him and the facility. The staff is always kind and understanding to Paul. She is a bright light in this situation.

By John Spear 3/4/2023

Maynard Heins

Front people & inside people are excellent.

Front people & inside people are excellent.

By Maynard Heins 3/4/2023

Anita Back

Caregiver’s warmth, helpfulness and individual attention to residents speak highly of the Lansdowne Heights organization

Komi is an outstanding CNA here, I have seen him giving individual attention to different residents and am touched by his kindness and sweet energy. He shows love in his work.
I must also commend Sima in her work with families and guests. Her warmth and helpfulness speak highly of the Lansdowne Heights organization.

By Anita Back 3/4/2023

Kathleen M. Acker

This center is the best decision I made.

This center is the best decision I made. My husband is safe, and happy, and so well cared for.
There is not a single staff member that doesn’t give each resident all the attention they might need

By Kathleen M. Acker 3/4/2023

Yemesracn Mamayh

Very Nice and Friendly Staff

I like Lansdowne Heights. Staff is very nice and friendly, and the residents are well taken care off.

By Yemesracn Mamayh 08/3/2022

Kathy Acker

“Life is better knowing he’s well taken care of by the kindest, most generous group of people I’ve ever met.”

If you are reading this, then you’re probably making one of the most difficult decisions of your life: how to best resolve care for a loved one? I know this was THE hardest decision I ever had to make. First, to get over the stigma of seeking outside help was an admission of failure, to dishonor a loved one. That myth couldn’t be farther from the truth. To acknowledge I could no longer care for my husband, or keep him safe, nearly crushed my spirit. Then I met the incredible kind and caring staff here at Lansdowne Heights. They make his life productive; he’s happy, safe and thriving. And I can breathe again.

I didn’t give up on him, or give him away, I delegated those chores I could not do in order to focus on what I do have: the core essence of my husband of almost 42 years. No one ever knows how long they have with a loved one, ensuring the remaining time is a comfort, should be one of the determining factors when deciding where and how to arrange for a loved one’s care. I can’t say this was an easy decision, or that I’ve easily adapted, but my husband has in his time at Lansdowne!

Life is better knowing he’s well taken care of by the kindest, most generous group of people I’ve ever met. There has not been one staff member who hasn’t exhibited the highest concern for his individual wellness. This is peace of mind I didn’t have while caring for him alone. I believe this decision defined the depth of my love for him by reaching out for help. I could no longer care for him alone and the staff at Lansdowne helped make the decision a positive action – not a negative one.

By Kathy Acker 04/13/2022

Veronica Griffith

They All Go Above and Beyond

Lansdowne Heights Memory Care staff gets 5 stars plus plus plus, which has made the last 2 months stay of my mother filled with happiness, great health, and safety. Thank you to Bianca, Gary, Asiatu, CiCi, Marie, Jenny, Jennifer (reception), and Justin. Their teamwork to care for the memory care residents is excellent. They all go above and beyond to care for our mother.

By Veronica Griffith 02/02/2022

Eddie Tantoco

Lansdowne Heights Memory Care Has an Amazing and Outstanding Staff, Leaders, and Programs

My sisters told me they were applying for my mother to be accepted into LHMC (Lansdowne Heights Memory Care) back in early December 2021. Over the last couple of days, my sisters sent me videos of my mom singing, dancing, with big smiles among a group of seniors. I personally witnessed my mom suffer after my dad passed away and by the grace of God, LHMC accepted her and today, my mom is so happy and healthy. LHMC has an amazing and outstanding staff, leaders, and programs that transformed my mom from her poor physical and mental health and depression and truly gave her a new, healthy, and a meaningful joyful life.

By Eddie Tantoco 02/01/2022

Marrygold Ugorji

Everyone Believes in Teamwork

I really like that this facility has staff that pulls together and gets the job done. The patients are all getting excellent care because everyone believes in teamwork.

By Marrygold Ugorji 02/01/2022

Karen Murphy 01/30/2022

All of the Staff From the Top Down Truly Care for the Residents

We are so glad we found Lansdowne Heights. The two major reasons are: #1 All of the staff from the top down truly care for the residents. #2 The focus is solely on memory care (no other tiers). It feels like everyone here is an owner and they know the residents as individuals. After experiencing multi-tiered sites with Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care, it is such a positive difference to have sole focus on memory care for my mother here at Lansdowne Heights.

By Karen Murphy 01/30/2022

Alex Gordon

I Cannot Recommend Lansdowne Heights Enough

Lansdowne Heights has been my mom’s home since July 2021. We are extremely happy with our choice. Alzheimer’s is such a tragic disease – the staff makes this journey a little less painful. Unlike other memory care facilities, everyone at Lansdowne has a smile on their face. They are always trying to anticipate my mom’s needs. It feels like my second home. Visiting hours are flexible. The facility itself is very well kept. I cannot recommend Lansdowne Heights enough. I feel very fortunate to have found such a hidden gem in the area. Please reach out to Bianca for more information if you’re in search of your loved one’s next step!!

By Alex Gordon 01/28/2022

Justina Kumar

Beautiful Community. Definitely recommend this community

Beautiful Community, I came for a tour and Bianca was wonderful in answering all my questions. I appreciate the time I was given as this is new to me. Just from the tour I can tell the staff here go above and beyond for their residents. Definitely recommend this community.

By Justina Kumar 01/11/2022

Liz Ross

I Have Been Incredibly Impressed

I have been incredibly impressed with the care my husband is receiving at Lansdowne Heights. The administrators and the staff have been extremely supportive and compassionate during our transition to this stage of our journey. Absolutely everyone – the administrators, the nursing staff, the aides, the activities director, the maintenance director – have all taken a personal interest in my husband and have found ways to connect with him and keep him engaged. The countless activities are creative and varied and geared to just the right level. A special shout out to the head nurse, who is remarkably communicative and has been there for my husband and me every step of the way.

By Liz Ross

Catherine Massar

We Definitely Recommend that You Consider Lansdowne Heights if Your Loved One is Looking for a New Community

It was a difficult and emotional decision for us to move my father-in-law into a memory care residence, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. We cared for him for years, but it eventually became clear that he needed the support of professional caregivers and a community of his peers. The staff at Lansdowne Heights welcomed Dad with open arms. They have a solid plan on how to bring someone safely into the residence and a dedicated move in coordinator to make it happen with ease. We were introduced to every member of the staff and each genuinely seems interested in Dad and our family. We get the sense that the staff enjoy their jobs and take great pride in treating the residents with the respect, attention, and kindness that they deserve. Nurse Davis and the caregivers that work with her are extremely responsive, informative, and great at keeping us abreast of Dad’s victories and challenges. The facility is very clean, comfortable, and well maintained. The food is appetizing and nutritious. We didn’t know how Dad would take to the new environment, but the residents embraced him and the staff keeps him engaged. Dad is playing cards, games, singing, and walking around a lot. We were told that he even occasionally makes his way into the business manger’s office to watch her work and she is gracious enough to let him visit. Dad seems more social than ever, and we are able to rest better knowing that he is in caring hands. We definitely recommend that you consider Lansdowne Heights if your loved one is looking for a new community.

By Catherine Massar

Tony Smith

We Moved Both my Parents into LHMC About 2 Months Ago and it Has Been Amazing

The facility was brand new and they were the first 2 residents and were treated like royalty. Great to know they are safe and happy and being MORE THAN well taken care of. They are both in much better health, both physically and mentally. The staff is courteous and professional and the amenities are great. Cafeteria, spa, salon, etc. They have also taken stringent COVID precautions for both the staff and residents. In short, my parents are doing much better than we ever expected after moving them out of their house and into a memory care facility like LH.

By Tony Smith

Terri Smith Langdon

I Highly Recommend Lansdowne Heights

We have been lucky to have our parents be the first residents at LH. It’s a beautiful facility and the staff is really great. It looks like an assisted living facility but all memory care. When we were looking at other places. We saw that the assisted living doors were very beautiful but then we would tour the memory care floor and it was institutional. That is not the case as LH. My parents room was decorated by me and we brought some of their furniture in and purchased some new with the Ambassador Family move in credit. Their room is beautiful and large. The bathroom is very upscale and also does not look institutional.

My parents look better, seem better and are being stimulated every day with activities and staff visits. The move in coordinator even polished my moms nails one day and they looked great. My mom loved it too.

With the pandemic going on, the administration and staff had a protocol which worked very well to keep everyone safe and COVID free. Although we can’t visit in our parents room since other families have moved in, we were visiting on the patio or window visits. Now we can visit in the conference room in the lobby which keeps everyone safe. The staff is so accommodating and seem to love their jobs. They wait on my parents hand and foot. The food and menu is prepared by the executive chef and looks like restaurant food. He also does cooking demos with the residents.

All in all it’s been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. I feel as though my parents are safer there than any place else as they were the only residents for 2 weeks when they moved in and were put in one wing to quarantine and then when they were clear, they move to their permanent room in the other wing.

I would say NOW is the perfect time to move in as they are doing rolling admissions and new residents can be quarantined and then free to interact with other Covid free residents once the 2 weeks are up.

By Terri Smith Langdon

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